Simple, concise content management

Cloud based content management that works in harmony with iOS and Android.


The UBQO:CMS has been developed by the team at http://www.ubqo.com.

The service allows our clients to maintain their content in the cloud, whilst integrating it into the apps that we develop with them. This clear separation allows our clients to take full ownership of their content, without the need to refer back to us when changes to their content are required.

Our team has developed many bespoke iOS and Android apps. During this time it has become apparent that many of our clients have similar content needs. Utilising a simple, concise content management system would streamline the development of new projects for both us and our clients. We looked at many different off the shelf Content Management Systems with the intention of integrating one of them. However the systems we evaluated were too complex or didn't have the deep integration that we needed for our apps. So we built our own. A system with low level app integration and an intuitive interface that doesn't require a manual to use.

The content of many of our apps changes over time. Our clients need to update their content, without a new release of software on the Apple AppStore or Google Play.

For example, we developed an app called Infections. The application "makes it easy to access antimicrobial prescribing guidelines to treat a wide variety of common infectious diseases and prophylaxis guidelines for various procedures and conditions". Using our CMS allows the infections team to update key guidelines and then notify their users using notifications. So when there is an outbreak of seasonal flu or with the Ebola crisis, they can quickly get updated content into the hands of their users using our CMS.

Our CMS allows our users to update content and then notify everyone of these changes. All without our technical involvement.

When the Ebola crisis struck, the Infections App team were able to update their guidelines and notify all their users instantly. A vital time saving process. The system features a set of user roles combined with a draft / publishing mechanism. So someone can be granted a "Drafter" role within the system where they can create and save documents in a draft status. Subsequently, someone with publishing capability can review these documents and then publish them. Only then does it become available to users within our apps. It allows teams of people to work on documents with the CMS and only publish them when they are ready. A couple of our clients have a public service duty. They want to be able to share their content publicly on the internet. This allows anyone with an internet connection and web browser to view their content. Within the CMS its possible to make content publicly available over the web. This can be switched on or off by account administrators.


Our CMS allows our clients to stay in control of their content, all of the time. It streamlines our development process whilst ensuring a clean separation of concerns between the technology we develop and the content our clients create. At the present time our CMS is only available to our clients, but watch this space. If you would like to speak with us to find out more, please visit our website the following link to do so: http://www.ubqo.com/contact

Key Features

  • Cloud based
  • Secure
  • WYSIWYG HTML editing
  • Intuitive, simple to use interface
  • Create a hierarchy of documents
  • Move documents around the hierarchy
  • Ability to add, edit & delete documents
  • Role based security to help manage the edit process
  • Add, edit and remove users from your account
  • Publishing mechanism to allow changes to be checked before being distributed
  • Ability to compare an edit side by side with the originally published document
  • Publish your content to the web, with your own custom sub domain
  • Send notifications to your users from within the CMS
  • Low level integration with accompanying iOS or Android apps
  • Store CMS content within the accompanying app for offline viewing
  • Synchronisation of underlying content with iOS or Android
  • Control the menu system of the app, from within the CMS
  • Control access to restricted pages, even when downloaded to the app
  • Set default bookmarked content when a user initially downloads your content
  • Regularly backed up


Our team is super proud of our Content Management System. It has become a key part of what differentiates us from everyone else. We are also constantly looking at ways to improve the application and have several exciting improvements that we will be implementing in the future. Watch this space.